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Basic Utah Will | Trusts and Living Wills Attorney

Everyone should have a basic Utah will. This is especially true if you have children. Not only that, but everyone should also have a living will. What is the difference? A basic last will and testament can devise property and assets to those you leave behind as well as address issues relating to the care and custody of minor children. A living will, also known as health care directives, provide medical professionals and those you appoint, the power to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. Having at least the basics covered in these areas is far better than having nothing at all. The funny thing about wills and estate plans is that relatively few people have them, even though the vast majority of people understand they should. It is easy to keep pushing off getting a simple will and any other related documents drafted up but the reality is the benefits could be huge to your family if you finally get it in place. Death and loss is difficult enough, leaving your family scrambling to manage your affairs after makes it even worse. One reason why people put off drafting their will is because they believe they will have to pay an attorney thousands and thousands of dollars. The truth is that basic wills in Utah can be done by a great lawyer for a very affordable price. For more information on estate planning, call and speak with a wills lawyer at Salcido Law Firm today.

Trusts and Living Wills Attorney

Did you know that a trust can help you manage all of your financial affairs and help your family avoid probate following your death. There are also tax benefits associated with some types of trusts and other instruments. These are just a few of the reasons more and more people are turning to revocable trusts and related tools to help them meet their objectives of protecting their assets and providing for their loved ones. Call 801.413.1753 today for more information and to speak with a Salt Lake City Estate Planning Lawyer.