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Utah Violent Crimes Attorney

Have you been charged with a violent crime in Utah?

Violent Crimes in UtahThere are a number of different violent crimes in Utah including:

  • Assault - Assault is when one person uses unlawful physical force on another or threatens to do so in a way that puts the potential victim in imminent danger.  Assault is the criminal charge that is most often brought when people get in fights such as bar fights, skirmishes at home, etc.
  • Aggravated Assault – Aggravated assault is an assault that results in serious bodily injury or one that is committed with a dangerous weapon. For example, if in a bar fight one of the parties involved then pulls out a gun or knife, he will be charged with this crime, which is a felony rather than a misdemeanor like a simple assault.
  • Mayhem – Mayhem is when someone commits an assault and it results in the severing of one or more of the victim’s limbs, such as a finger, arm, or leg.
  • Robbery - Robbery is a mix of a property crime and a violent crime.  It involves the theft of property from an individual’s person through the use of force.  The common purse thief at knife point is a good example of robbery.
  • Murder / Homicide – There is homicide and there is murder.  Homicide can be negligent, such as what happens with vehicular homicide.  Murder is an intentional act.  Additionally there homicides that can occur because of a moment of passion, such as manslaughter.  For any type of homicide case you can count on Salcido Law Firm PLLC to give you the best legal representation.
  • Domestic Violence - Domestic violence is any violent act that occurs between cohabitants or people who were cohabitants at one point or another.  Domestic violence is actually a category of crime and not really a crime itself.  For example, if a wife hits a husband in the face, it is considered an assault, but the charge will actually be “assault (domestic violence)”.  The added moniker of domestic violence carries with it some peculiar penalties such as not being able to carry firearms for a prescribed period of time.
  • Harassment and Stalking - These crimes are typically brought against a spurned lover or against someone who wants a relationship with someone who doesn’t want a relationship.  We have seen some pretty interesting stalking and harassment cases at our firm.  Many of such cases are bogus, which is why it is so important to have good counsel on your side.

Each violent crime involves unique elements, each of which the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction.  A thorough defense requires analyzing every element of the crime and identifying the holes in the state’s evidence.  We are the attorneys who will provide you with a thorough defense and will work diligently to ensure that every one of your rights are protected.

If you have been charged with committing a violent crime you will need experienced, competent, and hard-working representation.  Let the Criminal Defense at Salcido Law Firm protect all of your rights including the right to a fair trial.

Whether you have been charged with a simple assault or negligent homicide we will protect you, so call 801.413.1753 or email us today and Get Protected!

We will be able to tell you within a matter of minutes how your case is looking from the standpoint of both the defense and the prosecution.  It may be that your case will be eligible for a dismissal.  It may be that your case will have to be tried in front of a jury.  Whatever our assessment you will know that your defense will be secure and we will provide you with the type of services you deserve, because after all, every one is innocent until proven guilty.

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At Salcido Law Firm we are dedicated to protecting individual rights and forcing the state to act in accordance with those rights.  Protect your rights and talk to an attorney at Salcido Law Firm.

Victim Advocate Programs

Many counties have programs financed by tax dollars that are set up for giving assistance to victims of violent crimes. The individuals known as “victim advocates” are assigned to work with victims of violent crimes and sex crimes to hep them find resources to work through some of the trauma and emotional problems that can result from such crimes. There is a statewide program for victims:

Utah Office for Victims of Crimes

350 East 500 South Suite 200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Phone: (801)238-2360

Additionally, there are victim advocate programs in various counties and cities. Click here for a full list of those programs.

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