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Salt Lake City Utah Divorce Attorney | Holiday Parent Time

Speaking with a Salt Lake City Utah Divorce Attorney about holiday parent time can help you get the understanding you need of your divorce decree so you can relax and enjoy the holidays. While Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a great time to spend with the family, for some divorced parents, it can mean new questions and issues regarding time with their children. Each year during the holidays we get numerous phone calls from past or new clients wanting to know how the statutory standard schedule actually works with regards to Christmas or Thanksgiving, or how to interpret the particular provisions of their court orders. The key to avoiding conflict over parenting issues during this season is to first understand the terms of your order. If you have questions about the terms and how to interpret these provisions, call us today at 801-413-1753.

Standard Holiday Parent Time in Utah

Many parents share holiday parent time based on the standard schedule set forth in the Utah Code section 35-3-35. The key to understanding what your rights are under the standard holiday time is to first know which party is designated as the primary custodial parent. If you know that much, the rest is pretty easy, consider the layout below if your children are 5 years or older:


  • Odd Numbered Years: The non custodial parent gets the kids during the first half of the Christmas school vacation time including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day until 1:00pm.
  • Even Numbered Years: The non custodial parent gets the second half of the Christmas school vacation time beginning 1:00pm Christmas day.


  • Even Numbered Years: The non custodial parent gets the kids from 7:00pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until 7:00pm on the Sunday following Thanksgiving.

Salt Lake City Custody Attorney

For more information, you should speak with a Salt Lake City Custody Attorney in our Salt Lake office today. We can not only help you understand what your divorce decree orders as far as holiday parent time, we can help you enforce such orders against a uncooperative ex if needs be. Call us, email, or fill out the form on this page to get us started. We look forward to helping you ensure the holidays are joyous and free from conflict.