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Utah Bicycle Accident Attorney | Car Insurance and Coverage for Cyclists

If you are searching for a Utah bicycle accident attorney in Salt Lake City, Provo, or anywhere else in the state, then likely you or someone you love was involved in a serious bike accident. Every year in Utah hundreds of cyclists are injured as a result of another’s negligence. In many cases the injury is a result of vehicle not paying attention or not sharing the road with biker. Cases involving a biker vs. a car or truck can often be tragic and involve serious injuries or death. The cycling sport is becoming more and more popular in Utah and we are receiving more calls each year with tragic stories of individuals who were victimized by a careless driver. We caution all cyclist and drivers alike to pay attention when you are out on the roads. Road warriors are not the only ones injured in bicycle accidents. Many other injuries involving bicycles occur in the Utah outdoors. Mountain biking and downhill mountain racing can be dangerous and lead to accidents as well. So whether you are cruising on the pavement or treading the mountains, be safe, and if you are injured, call Salcido Law Firm today to get the help you need.

Car Insurance and Coverage for Cyclists

Did you know the right kind of car insurance can cover you in the event your injured on your bike? That is correct, car insurance, not bicycle insurance, can cover your medical costs and other potential damages if you are injured by a negligent driver. This is especially true if you are injured by a driver on the road. In almost every case involving a driver vs. a cyclist, the driver of the car or truck will win every day. That is to say you as the cyclist will be much more injured than anyone else involved because you are the most exposed and least protected. Don’t take any chances out there; check your policies to ensure you have the proper coverage to insure you from injury on your bike. Most insurance policies do not do a great job of explaining this type of coverage or clarifying benefits in their written material so make sure you call your carrier if you have any questions whatsoever. Of course, a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer at our office can go through your policy with you to determine your coverage.

Utah Personal Injury Law Firm

Hopefully you are never injured on your bicycle. And if you are injured, hopefully you have the proper car insurance to help cover any medical costs etc. If you or someone you love is ever injured by a negligent driver call Salcido Law Firm at 801.413.1753. You do not have to go through this alone. We are a Utah personal injury law firm dedicated to helping you get back on the road.